Sunday, January 26, 2020

Netbeans platform. Step 1.

In the modern world, the majority do not believe in desktop applications. They think that everything should be on the web or mobile. But there are cases when you need a software just for personal needs. For example hex editor, file manager, image editor, database clients. For such cases, desktop applications simply look better.

After some investigation, I've stopped on Netbeans' platform.

Main reasons why are:
  • Cross-platform.
  • Uses java.
  • Simpler than Eclipse.
Let's begin. Everything that is required is maven. There is an archetype to generate Netbeans Platform application. So, just execute in the terminal next command:

mvn archetype:generate 

The next step is to build the project. Go to the directory Demo and execute
mvn install

That is all. In the directory Demo/application/target/demo/ you will find execution files. Just execute it to see your first window.

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